NOxOFF is a specially formulated coating for concrete, bitumen roofing, and asphalt road surfaces. It is a cost effective TiO2 based photocatalytic product. Activated by natural sunlight and cleaned by the rain, giving us clean air to breathe. NOx particles are turned into nitrate, helping fertilize the soil.


NOxOff is a photocatalytic coating for concrete. It’s a cost effective TiO2 based fluid activated by sunlight and cleaned by the rain. It can be applied on freshly casted, still wet, pavement stones but also onto cured concrete both at the factory or as an after treatment. NOxOFF removes 1 kilo NOx per 50 m2/year on average and has a durability of at least ten years.

By applying NOxOFF you will add value and offer a new product to the market without having RD costs. The NOxOFF product is tailor-made, and will be calibrated precisely to your needs and concrete type. NOxOFF fluids are developed and made in Denmark.




The photocatalytic process does the same as nature.
However, Photocat can provide a solution that accelerates the action by using the sun’s natural resources.

The initiation of Photocatalytic action is when the Titanium dioxide (TiO2) applied to a surface absorbs UV light. Once this occurs, Hydroxide (OH*) is produced, which acts as a strong oxidizing agent.
The Hydroxide will surround and destroy the dangerous air pollutants and organics: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), VOCs (such as formaldehyde and benzene), other organics (such as E.coli., S.aureus, K.pneumonia, algae, and more). These harmful pollutants and bacteria are then disintegrated and turned into nitrate (NO3−), water (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2) and released into the surroundings without harming.
The proprietary solution and application method designed and developed by Photocat allows for a highly effective degradation process through a transparent application. Transparency is an essential aspect of our product innovation because it enables more surface materials to become photocatalytic without any cosmetic disadvantages.


We clean the air we breathe!
Our technology provides a cleaner air environment by reducing pollution in cities or other places where poor air quality threatens the population. Societies all over the world spend enormous amounts on health costs due to respiratory illnesses and early deaths. Our photocatalytic solutions help reduce these societal challenges by continuously innovating and pushing boundaries.

Numerous studies show the degradation power of photocatalytic products and the benefits for the environment and population. The common conclusion, which is well adapted, is that this technology can solve air quality problems by reducing harmful pollution using photocatalysis and light. The technology behind Photocat’s products is documented by various EN and ISO standards and certified by the TCNA.

Our products are top performers within their category, representing some of the highest efficiency registered in laboratory tests and real life. The ISO 22197-1 results conclude that the efficiency is far above what is perceived excellent, both by internal and external 3rd party tests conducted by the renowned D-Tox laboratory in Hannover. Photocat’s products are well documented and validated: “The Photocat (bitumen) product belongs to the group of top products tested in this lab” (quote from D-Tox Laboratory).

Our technology is tested in a Round-Robin test between two university laboratories, an industrial laboratory and the Photocat laboratories. The leading professor in the field of testing photocatalytic products in Europe, Head of the Round-Robin test, Professor Bahnemann, University of Leibniz, concluded: “The variance between values from Photocat measurement and Leibniz measurement is absolutely acceptable and considered similar.” Professor Bahnemann stood behind the Japanese photocatalytic JIS standards adaptation and transferred them to the European ISO standards.